Committees and Org Chart

WWCDA Committees

WWCDA has five standing committees that lead and facilitate the events, initiatives and other activities of the WWCDA. The committees consist of the Executive Committee, Administrative Committee, Development Committee, Program Committee, and Young Professionals Committee. The committee members are volunteers from the WWCDA chapters around the world.  Any WWCDA chapter member wishing to serve on a committee can submit an application at the link below.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Global Chair, Global Vice Chairs, Global Secretary, the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, and Regional Vice Chairs (North America East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Europe & Latin America, and Asia Pacific).  The Executive Committee meets monthly by telephone to address various issues about WWCDA and to enhance the communications amongst WWCDA, the chapters and members.  The committee may function as the Advisory Board between meetings of the Advisory Board and may otherwise inform and advise the Advisory Board.

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee addresses a wide-range of issues for WWCDA in dealing with the day-to-day operations of the organization.  The committee is made up of teams of chapter members that deal with issues relating to membership, alumni, the WWCDA website, WWCDA Connect, historian/archives, compliance (Privacy and OFAC) and WWCDA financial matters.  AlixPartners, Alvarez & Marsal and KPMG provide support for the activities related to financial matters, historian/archives and OFAC compliance, respectively.

Administrative Subcommittees

Diversity Subcommittee

The Diversity Subcommittee is responsible for leading and supporting WWCDA’s efforts to promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA).  WWCDA is committed to IDEA:  as an organization, we are outraged by the racism and other discrimination and intolerances that are prevalent in the U.S. and beyond.   As defense lawyers and other professionals, we stand for fairness, equality, civility and compassion for all people.    WWCDA recognizes that, as an organization and as individuals, we have much work to do to help right the wrongs.  WWCDA has asked our community, supporters and other friends to boldly take a stand, and to take action by, among other things, learning more about the issues, working to correct injustices, defending those who are wronged, and leading inclusively.

The WWCDA Diversity Subcommittee is comprised of women from various WWCDA chapters throughout the world.  The subcommittee has two teams:  The External-Facing Team, which focuses on activities and initiatives seeking justice in the U.S. and around the globe; and the Internal-Facing Team, which focuses on promoting and supporting diversity within the WWCDA and the legal profession.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for expanding awareness of WWCDA, chapters and members by promoting who we are and what we do.  The committee is comprised of women from various chapters of the WWCDA.  The committee operates through seven subcommittees:  Branding & Marketing, Chapters, Monitor/Receiver, Rankings, Social Media, Sponsors, and Thought Leadership.  The Branding & Marketing and Chapter subcommittees operate through teams.

Development Subcommittees

Branding & Marketing Subcommittee

The Branding & Marketing Subcommittee has established the following teams to develop and implement steps to increase awareness of WWCDA, its initiatives, chapters and members.

Branding at Events Team:  This team looks for opportunities to promote WWCDA through sponsorships and hosted tables at events and conferences organized by other groups (e.g., NADCL, ABA, GIR), and organizes our presence at such events, including by coordinating table staffing and making available WWCDA marketing materials and branded giveaways. 

Marketing & Communications Strategy Team:  This team creates and executes the strategy on marketing and communications about WWCDA’s initiatives/activities and to increase the profiles of WWCDA, the chapters and members.  This team is also responsible for creating, procuring and updating WWCDA marketing materials, such as the brochure, other informational materials and branded giveaways/swag.  BDO, Deloitte and StoneTurn support the activities of this team.     

PR Team: This team works in coordination with an external PR consultant to collect and disseminate WWCDA news into main stream and social media, draft and issue press releases, and develop and execute on a PR strategy to bring more visibility to WWCDA, its initiatives, the chapters, and members.

Chapters Subcommittee

The Chapters Subcommittee has established the following teams to help chapters and their activities, to launch chapters and to administer the WWCDA newsletter, In Brief

Chapter Activities Team: The objective of the Chapter Activities Team is to assist chapters to thrive with activities and other initiatives.  The team helps in various ways, including gathering and disseminating chapter information amongst the chapters and the Association via the WWCDA website, WWCDA Connect, newsletter, and social media platforms.  The team promotes collaboration among the chapters, encourages members to attend events hosted by other chapters, and heightens awareness of WWCDA activities in the local markets and throughout the world.  The team assists the chapters in keeping the WWCDA website event portal updated with chapter activity information and works with chapter leadership to find additional ways to assist the chapters. 

Chapter Launch Team: This team helps launch new chapters, responds to inquiries from women seeking to launch chapters, and identifies locations where chapters may be needed.  After chapters launch, the team also assists with integration into the WWCDA community and other steps to help new chapters succeed.

Newsletter Team: This team is responsible for the creation and distribution of the WWCDA newsletter, In Brief, including updates on prior and upcoming Chapter and Association events, news, member and chapter spotlights, feature articles, WWCDA initiatives and other content.  EY provides administrative support to this team.

Monitor/Receiver Initiative Subcommittee

The Monitor/Receiver Initiative endeavors to increase the number of women being considered for and obtaining engagements as monitors and receivers.  WWCDA members are qualified for these roles and indeed many have previously served as monitors or receivers, or have acted in supporting roles to monitors or receivers (such as counsel, investigators or accountants).  The subcommittee helps identify and provide the names of WWCDA members for monitor and receiver opportunities at various government agencies.  StoneTurn provides administrative support to this subcommittee.

Rankings Initiative Subcommittee

The goal of this subcommittee is to increase the number of and ranking levels for women in rankings publications (e.g., Who’s Who, Chambers, etc.).  With help from information received from chapter members, the subcommittee serves as a resource to publishers during the research process and provides recommendations in an effort to improve diversity in their published rankings.

Social Media Subcommittee

The Social Media Subcommittee (“SMS”) administers WWCDA’s Social Media Plan and Policy and WWCDA’s Plan for Generating Content.  WWCDA uses four social media platforms - LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube - to showcase WWCDA events, initiatives and other activities and to raise the profiles of WWCDA, the chapters and members. Another goal of SMS is to leverage online social networks to promote the Association's brand and provide a platform for member engagement.  SMS works with the Chapter Social Media Coordinators, WWCDA representatives, and chapter members to develop content.  SMS facilitates the placement of postings on the various platforms with administrative support from FTI Consulting.     

Sponsors Subcommittee

This subcommittee recruits and maintains sponsor relationships and functions as the liaison between WWCDA and our Sponsors.  The subcommittee creates the annual Corporate Sponsor Directory, assists with sponsor-related tasks for events, and helps with special sponsor projects like the Consulting/Sponsor Cohort.  AlixPartners provides administrative assistance to the subcommittee for some of these sponsor activities, including the Cohort.   

Thought Leadership Subcommittee

This subcommittee develops thought leadership pieces, such as a WWCDA survey, the results of which may be used to develop substantive content such as, CLE programs, articles, editorials, white papers, etc. to help raise the profile of the WWCDA, chapters and members.  BRG provides administrative support to this subcommittee.

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is comprised of WWCDA members who have been practicing or working up to ten years. The YPC’s purpose is to provide more junior WWCDA members opportunities to get to know and to learn from other members with similar levels of experience, and to provide educational programming specific to junior white collar women lawyers and consultants.  The YPC administers the mentor program and hosts young lawyers’ and consultants’ networking and educational programs at WWCDA and chapter events. The Committee also supports the initiatives of the WWCDA through three subcommittees:  Administrative, Development and Program.

Program Committee

The Program Committee consist of members from various chapters of the WWCDA and is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing all of WWCDA’s programs.  Responsibilities include handling the logistics for events, program planning, obtaining and overseeing vendors, and collaborating with other organizations.  The Committee also helps to place chapter members as speakers at other group’s conferences and is leading the Small Firm initiative.  The Program Committee has five subcommittees:  Annual Meeting, Awards Program, Other Programs, Small Firm and Speakers Initiative.  The Annual Meeting and Awards Program subcommittees operate through teams.

Program Subcommittees

Annual Meeting Subcommittee

The Annual Meeting Subcommittee is responsible for all aspects of WWCDA’s signature Annual Meeting event and the Leadership Retreat.   The work is shared amongst three teams.

Agenda/Content Team:  This team is responsible for creating the substantive programming for the entire Annual Meeting event, which includes setting the schedule, deciding on the topics to be addressed finding the speakers and moderators, and coordinating with leadership on the business portion of the Annual Meeting (including assembling the PowerPoint and other visual aids).  This team also coordinates with and helps leadership on the agenda for the Leadership Retreat (including helping with the visual aids).  

Invite, Program Booklet & Marketing Team:  This team is responsible for invitations and registration for the Annual Meeting and Leadership Retreat, the Annual Meeting Program Guide and all marketing before, during and after the Annual Meeting and Leadership Retreat (e.g., save-the-date, web site page, advertising, social media posts, email blasts, etc.). 

Logistics Team:  This team is responsible for leading the effort on logistics, including finding the venue, deciding room set up, selecting food and beverages, dealing with the photographers and AV, venue signage, and dealing with all other logistical issues not covered by the other teams.  This team’s logistical support is for both the Annual Meeting and the Leadership Retreat.  

Awards Program Subcommittee

The Awards Program Subcommittee is responsible for all aspects of WWCDA’s Awards Program.   The work is shared amongst three teams.

Dinner Logistics Team:  This team handles all of the logistics for selecting the Dinner Gala venue, room set-up, dinner table assignments, selecting food and beverages, dealing with the photographers and AV, venue signage, other planning and executing on reception and Dinner Gala logistics, and overseeing the reception and dinner logistics on the night of the event. 

Marketing, Invite & Program Guide Team:  This team’s work includes marketing the Awards Dinner Gala (e.g., save-the-date, web site page, advertising, social media posts, email blasts, etc.), dealing with the sponsors, creating and distributing the invitation, registration of guests and sponsors, and developing the Program Guide. The team assists at the Dinner Gala with attendee check-in, sponsor care, sponsor swag and social media postings.

Nomination & Ceremony Agenda Team:  This team is responsible for soliciting nominations, reviewing and assessing the nominations, and making award recipient recommendations to the WWCDA Executive Committee.  This team also plans and writes the award ceremony program presented at the Awards Dinner Gala and oversees the execution of the ceremony -- “run of show” -- on the night of the Awards Dinner Gala. 

Other Programs Subcommittee

The Other Programs Subcommittee leads the WWCDA programming efforts not led by the other subcommittees.  This subcommittee spearheads and coordinates special events hosted by the WWCDA (e.g., receptions with in-house counsel, compliance officers, women entrepreneurs, and lunches or other events with other organizations like the NACDL or Association of Corporate Counsel).   This subcommittee also helps with logistics and facilitation of events hosted by other organizations where the WWCDA has been invited to “partner” on the event (e.g., GIR Women in Investigations conference in London, and ABA White Collar Conferences in Prague and Tokyo).   

Small Firm Initiative Subcommittee 

The Small Firm Initiative (SFI) Subcommittee advances and supports the unique business, practice and professional interests of WWCDA members working in small, boutique or solo firms (“small firms”).  The SFI subcommittee, made up of WWCDA members throughout the chapters who practice in small firms, pursues SFI goals through programming, member connections, creating and maintaining a WWCDA Small Firm Directory, and utilizing the WWCDA website, WWCDA Connect, newsletter and social media platforms to bring visibility to small firm practitioner and the SFI activities.     

Speakers Initiative Subcommittee

This subcommittee leads the Speakers Initiative for WWCDA to be a “one stop shop” for any conference organizers seeking speakers and topic ideas for their programs.  This subcommittee promotes chapter members by helping them obtain speaking roles at conferences.  Through these efforts, WWCDA helps conference organizers find speakers with substantive expertise while increasing gender diversity amongst speakers/panelists at those conferences.  The subcommittee receives administrative assistance from BDO.